Attending a CALEA Conference: NNEPAC Radio Episode 002.

In this episode, John McGregor is joined by the Chair Person of the Northern New England Police Accreditation Coalition (NNEPAC), Mr. Gregory Murphy of the Manchester NH PD.  John and Greg talk about attending a Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) Conference.  John and Greg discuss the topic from the perspective of someone attending a Police Accreditation Training Conference for the first time, as well as including some tips for repeat attendees.

As usual, the views expressed represent the speakers alone, and do not necessarily represent the views of NNEPAC or CALEA.  Always consult with your Program Manager or a Travel Professional before attempting anything you hear on this episode.

Attending a CALEA Conference

Getting there and back

Book host hotel early, (Greg Murphy Exclusive Tip)
Short layovers, (dangers thereof)
Rental car, (Usually not necessary, maybe if off-site)
Watch the shuttle driver (Or she will give your bags to someone else)

What to Bring

Dress Code,
Note taking material
Business Cards for networking
Laptop necessary?

What classes to take

(Highlighted classes in program non-binding regarding Accreditation Manager training)

What to attend besides classes and why?

Committee Hearings
PAC Presidents Meeting

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