The CALEA Forums: NNEPAC Radio Episode 3


In this episode, John talks about the CALEA Forums, and why every Accreditation Manager should be checking them.  As usual, the views expressed represent the speaker alone, and do not necessarily represent the views of NNEPAC or CALEA.  Always consult with your Program Manager  before attempting anything you hear on this episode.

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The CALEA Forums

The CALEA forums can be accessed at the website  Every CALEA Practitioner should have a log in for this website.  After logging in, the tab on the top right is labeled “Forums”.  The tab gives the user three or four options:

Public:  A forum available to the public.  There is not much content here.

CALEA Forum II and why is it called that.  Basically the CALEA Forum was named the CALEA Forum II when the website was upgraded the first time to version 2 (II).  The name stuck and has remained the same through versions 3 and 4.  Most of the valuable content is located in this area.

Assessor Forum:  Only visible to users who are CALEA Assessors.  If you are not an assessor, you are not missing much, as very little is posted there.

Forum Help:  As the name suggests, information on how to use the forum and adjust the settings on your account to include the inclusion of a photo or signature.


General Discussion sub-forum is a great place to ask questions and receive answers, as it seems to have the most traffic.  There are also other sub-forums dedicated to each type of accreditation program, i.e., Law Enforcement, Communications, and Training Academy.

The SRIC sub-forum is a place that every accreditation manager should review after every conference.  Proposed standards and revisions to existing standards are usually posted here for public comment by the Standards Review and Interpretation Committee.  Although there may not be a large volume of feedback left on this forum, it is apparent that the SRIC does pay attention to the feedback that is left, as evidenced by recent proposed standards.

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