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Interview with Travis Parrish and Paul MacMillan: NNEPAC Radio Episode 12


In this episode, John McGregor and Bill Wilmot sit down with CALEA Director of Client Services and Relations Travis Parrish and CALEA Regional Program Manager for the North East Region Paul MacMillan.  The group discusses the new assessment model, the upcoming 6th edition standards, new terminology and new acronyms.

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Laura and Jeff Saunders from PowerDMS: NNEPAC Radio Episode 11

NNEPAC RadioIn this episode of NNEPAC Radio, John McGregor and Bill Wilmot interview Laura and Jeff Saunders from PowerDMS.  Contact information mentioned in the show is listed below.  Don’t forget to listen until the very end of the episode for a special discount for NNEPAC Radio listeners from PowerDMS.


2016 NNEPAC Law Enforcement Training Conference: NNEPAC Radio Episode 10

In this episode, John talks about the 2016 NNEPAC Law Enforcement Training Conference, which will be held at The Mountain Club on Loon in Lincoln NH from May 11-13th.

More more information on the conference, click on 2016 NNEPAC Conference information.

More lodging information, click on The Mountain Club on Loon.

Colorado Springs CALEA Conference Review: NNEPAC Radio Episode 9

35A32731-A109-4434-B03A-755970D744A5In this episode, Greg and John discuss the events of the Colorado Springs CALEA Conference, held July 22-25, 2015.  We talk about the possibility of a 6th edition of CALEA Standards, more clarification of the new assessment model, and talk about how our request for clarification from the Standards Review and Interpretation Committee regarding  Chapter 3 of the Law Enforcement standards was resolved.

Link to Colorado Springs SRIC Meeting Video

Link to Colorado Springs Full Commission Meeting Video


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Reno CALEA Conference Review: NNEPAC Radio Episode 8

NNEPAC_albart4_300x300In this episode, Greg Murphy and John McGregor discuss the events of the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) Conference held in Reno, Nevada from March 18-21, 2015.

The link to the Full Commission Business Meeting is HERE


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The New CALEA Assessment Model: NNEPAC Radio Episode 7

NNEPAC_albart4_300x300In this episode, Greg Murphy and John McGregor discuss the new Assessment model that was announced at the November 2014 CALEA Conference in Albuquerque, NM.  This new model is scheduled to become effective for all agencies receiving reaccreditation in  November 2015 and after.  The major changes are the implementation of a four year accreditation cycle, annual off-site file reviews through PowerDMS, and a Gold Standard-like on-site assessment.

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Mock Assessments: NNEPAC Radio Episode 6






In this episode, Greg Murphy and John McGregor talk about mock assessments, and how NNEPAC conducts CALEA assessments for member agencies.

For the article John wrote about Mock Assessments, go to

Newsletter on website

Define Mock Assessment
Purpose/Not Required
CALEA Assessor vrs. PAC Assessment Team (Explain NNEPAC Model)

CALEA Assessor Advantages: Vetted, Experience, Familiar with go/no go at CALEA

CALEA Assessor Disadvantages: Higher file to Assessor Ratio, outside of area of expertise, cost

PAC Advantages: Area of expertise by chapter, Lower file to Assessor Ratio, cost, training of AMs who participate,

PAC Disadvantages: Not vetted, TL and AM have to control make up of team, no official assessment experience.



Accreditation Manager Training: NNEPAC Radio Episode 5


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In this episode, John McGregor discusses CALEA Accreditation Standards related to Accreditation Manager Training.  In the Law Enforcement Program, the standard number is 33.5.4.  In the Communications Program, the standard number is 5.2.13.  In the Campus Security Program, the standard number is 18.5.4.  In the Training Academy Program, the standard number is 4.7.5.

2014 NNEPAC Spring Conference

May 7-9, 2014

Training Workshop Descriptions


Accreditation Manager Boot Camp

This session is designed to assist with complying with CALEA® Standard 33.5.4, The Accreditation Manager Training Standard and will focus on the following five topics:

File Construction and Collection of Proofs

This section will provide suggestions on developing files to effectively demonstrate compliance with CALEA® Standards. A review of the purpose of the file construction protocol and examples of appropriate files will be provided.

Time Sensitive Standards

This section will focus on time sensitive standards and compliance with the timeframe allowed within a given standard.  There will also be an overview of CALEA® resources such as Appendix E & G

Property & Evidence Management

This session will discuss the differences between the inspections, inventory and audits required by CALEA® standard 84.1.6.  There will be an explanation of the different evidence types and an overview of CALEA® resource, Appendix I and how it is used to determine the appropriate sample size.

Preparing for a Mock On-Site Assessment

This section will discuss the duties and responsibilities of the agency, accreditation manager, assessment team, and mock assessors prior to and during the mock assessment.

Preparing for an On-Site Assessment

This section will discuss the duties and responsibilities of the agency, accreditation manager, assessment team, and CALEA® staff prior to and during a traditional assessment.

Active Threat – Implementing CALEA Standard 46.1.10 at Your Agency

As of November 16, 2014, all agencies will be required to comply with a new standard that was previously only required for those agencies that complied with Chapter 91.  Attendees will be given sample policies and documentation to bring back to your agency in an effort to comply with this new standard.

Analyses – The CALEA Way

This session will provide an overview of various Reviews, Analyses, Evaluations and an explanation of the difference between the required reports as defined in CALEA® resource Appendix A.  Attendees will be given a sample of each type of report that they can bring back to their agency.

Gold Standard Assessment (GSA)

In 2011, CALEA® introduced a new methodology for assessing agencies seeking reaccreditation in any of its programs. Known as the Gold Standard Assessment (GSA), this voluntary assessment format focuses primarily on processes and outcomes associated with standards specific to agency policies.  During this class, Regional Program Manager Stephen Mitchell will explain the criteria necessary to participate and give an overview of the procedure of this new assessment model.

Electronic Policy and Standards Management with PowerDMS

Representatives from PowerDMS will provide a course designed for beginning and intermediate users of PowerDMS, as well as those users seeking more information about using PowerDMS for Electronic Standards Management.  For advanced/agency specific questions, PowerDMS representatives will be available for individual consultations.

Roundtable Question and Answer

This class will be a facilitated discussion regarding areas of concern regarding the CALEA Accreditation process or programs. Attendees will be provided an opportunity to raise questions anonymously about CALEA Accreditation and select panel members and CALEA Assessors will be available to answer these questions.

The Capture of the Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect #2

Captain Raymond Dupuis of the Watertown, MA Police Department, Bureau of Field Operations will give a presentation of the chronology of events that transpired on April 19, 2013 during the capture of Boston Marathon bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  This presentation will include radio transmissions, phone calls, video footage and commentary from officers involved in the incident.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Communications Director, Maureen Will of the Newtown, CT Police Department with an account of the tragic events that transpired at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Due to the phenomenal work of the Newtown Communications Staff, the dispatch team was awarded Dispatch Center of the Year for 2013 by the Association of Public Safety Officials.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

10:00 am – 11:15 am           Opening Ceremony

Welcoming Comments: CALEA Executive Director Craig Hartley &
CALEA Regional Program Manager Stephen Mitchell

11:30 am – 12:15 pm            Lunch

12:30 pm – 4:30 pm             Accreditation Manager Boot Camp

Thursday, May 8, 2014

8:30 am – 10:00 am             Gold Standard Assessment

8:30 am – 10:00 am             Analyses – The CALEA Way

10:00 am- 12:00 pm             The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Communications Director, Maureen Will of the Newtown, CT Police Department

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm             Lunch

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm               The Capture of the Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect #2

Captain Raymond Dupuis, Watertown, MA Police Department

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm               Active Threat – Implementing CALEA Standard 46.1.10

Friday, May 9, 2014

8:30 am – 10:00 am             Electronic Policy & Standards Management with PowerDMS

10:00 am – 12:00 pm            Roundtable Question & Answer

12:00 pm – conclusion        NNEPAC Monthly Business Meeting


Winston-Salem NC CALEA Conference Review Show: NNEPAC Radio Episode 4

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In this episode, John and Greg talk about the Winston-Salem Conference which Greg attended in November of 2013.


NOVEMBER 13-16, 2013

Good conference and thanks to the Winston-Salem PD for being gracious hosts.

Congratulations to NNEPAC member agencies receiving their initial and reaccreditation awards:

Laconia, NH PD
Auburn, ME PD
Boston University PD

Last conference for Executive Director Sylvester Daughtry, who is now retired after serving 15 years as the Executive Director and 9 years as a Commissioner and 3 as an assessor. Congratulations and best wishes to him as he enjoys retirement.

Craig Hartley, Jr. has been named to be the new Executive Director and we offer him our best wishes and feel he is an excellent choice to take over.

Also, Commission Chair Louis Dekmar will be leaving the commission as his term has ended. He is a good friend to NNEPAC and he will be missed.

Commissioner Grayson Robinson, Sheriff of Arapahoe County, CO will succeed Commissioner Dekmar as the Chair.

Standards Review and Interpretation Committee

This is the most important of all CALEA committee meetings held on Friday of each conference.

Two of three proposed standards released after the July 2013 Conference did not receive approval by the SRIC based on client feedback and comments from the field.

Both marked as 41.2.X and covered Police Officer Perpetrated Crimes and the Response and Investigation of sexual violence, including domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

Both were multi bulleted and redundant.

SRIC Chair Commissioner Richard Meyers complimented the CALEA clients/members for the comments provided and stated that they were “Instrumental in the decision making process.”

At the Full Commission Meeting:

“Feedback from the clients was accurate and important” and the “intent of the new standards was already in place in existing standards”

I want to offer my gratitude to all in NNEPAC who took the time to post comments and NNEPAC Treasurer Linda Anderson who spearheaded the efforts with other PAC’s around the country. NNEPAC was the only PAC to oppose the standards as a whole in a letter mailed to the Executive Director and Commission Chair.


Electronic Data Storage- if the agency uses a service provider, a written agreement is required to address a number of bullets.

46.1.10: (Campus Security 91.1.6 deleted)
Active Threats-agency has a W/D addressing active threats to include multi-bullets.

Both are in effect now and must be complied with within a year from November 16, 2013 and all are “M” for all agency sizes.

SIX PROPOSED LE STANDARDS (3 revisions and 3 new)


ALL ARE SENT TO THE FIELD FOR COMMENTARY with a date of January 24, 2014 for comments.

CALEA is going to make adjustments for agencies with multiple programs to reduce the need for duplication of efforts. Some standards are being revised to help with the effort and more information will follow.

In numerical order:


1.4.7- (revision to mirror the standard in LE for inclusion in the Multiple Programs Checklist)

Conditions during and internal investigation, bullet b, “or fingerprints” deleted.

3.1.2- (revision to mirror the standard in LE for inclusion in the Multiple Programs Checklist)

Classification plan, bullet b, deletes “for every job within a class”

3.2.6- (revision to mirror the standard in LE for inclusion in the Multiple Programs Checklist)

W/D for types of off duty employment. In standard language, “and conditions” and “in off duty employment” are deleted.


Law Enforcement

New Standard proposed:


1.2.10- W/D defines expectations of sworn personnel encountering criminal or other public safety issues while off –duty, or involving a personal matter and addresses:

Bullets a-h (1-8 on Forum post)

Use copy to explain. “M” for all.


22.2.7- (revision to mirror the standard in Communications for inclusion in the Multiple Programs Checklist) 1.1.7

W/D for agency personnel ID-add bullet c, “verbal identification over the telephone”


33.6.1- (revision to mirror the standard in Communications for inclusion in the Multiple Programs Checklist)

W/D identifies the activities (assignments for LE) for which specialized training is required…bullet c is new, “supervised on-the-job training, if applicable.”

New Standard:

41.2.8- W/D governs foot pursuits.

No bullets and “M” for all agency sizes.

41.3.10- If the agency employs body-worn cameras, a W/D governs the use of such devices.

Special note from the SRIC on this standard…going to the field for comments as a basic presentation of the standard. CALEA wants feedback to support the further development of an appropriate standard. That is why the commentary is broad.

No bullets and “M” for all.


Informing Complainant

52.2.4- In standard language, “keeps the complainant informed” is deleted as well as “concerning the status of a complaint to include, at a minimum”. Replaced with “has a written directive regarding complainant notification, that includes”

Bullets are modified as well:

a. “of receipt” and “for processing” is deleted.
b. “periodic” and “reporting” are deleted and “a schedule for” and “notification to the complainant” are new.
c. “of the results of” is deleted and “upon conclusion” are deleted and the bullet is reworded. “that” and “has concluded” are added to read:

“notification that the investigation has concluded.”


Full Commission Meeting

2016 Future Conference Sites:

March: St. Louis, MO
July: Baltimore, MD
November: North Charleston, SC
PAC Presidents Meeting

Commissioner Dekmar held his last meeting.

CALEA will be looking at how Applied Discretions and Non-Compliance issues are handled.

“Demonstrated commitment to CALEA by and agency who may encounter a problem, will be treated differently than an agency that has a history of N/C and A/D issues and other problems.

The commission will be advised of the history of the agency before consideration of conditions being imposed.

Introduced NNEPAC Radio to all.



The CALEA Forums: NNEPAC Radio Episode 3


In this episode, John talks about the CALEA Forums, and why every Accreditation Manager should be checking them.  As usual, the views expressed represent the speaker alone, and do not necessarily represent the views of NNEPAC or CALEA.  Always consult with your Program Manager  before attempting anything you hear on this episode.

Feedback from Big Willy in Claremont, NH.

You can leave feedback at “”

The CALEA Forums

The CALEA forums can be accessed at the website  Every CALEA Practitioner should have a log in for this website.  After logging in, the tab on the top right is labeled “Forums”.  The tab gives the user three or four options:

Public:  A forum available to the public.  There is not much content here.

CALEA Forum II and why is it called that.  Basically the CALEA Forum was named the CALEA Forum II when the website was upgraded the first time to version 2 (II).  The name stuck and has remained the same through versions 3 and 4.  Most of the valuable content is located in this area.

Assessor Forum:  Only visible to users who are CALEA Assessors.  If you are not an assessor, you are not missing much, as very little is posted there.

Forum Help:  As the name suggests, information on how to use the forum and adjust the settings on your account to include the inclusion of a photo or signature.


General Discussion sub-forum is a great place to ask questions and receive answers, as it seems to have the most traffic.  There are also other sub-forums dedicated to each type of accreditation program, i.e., Law Enforcement, Communications, and Training Academy.

The SRIC sub-forum is a place that every accreditation manager should review after every conference.  Proposed standards and revisions to existing standards are usually posted here for public comment by the Standards Review and Interpretation Committee.  Although there may not be a large volume of feedback left on this forum, it is apparent that the SRIC does pay attention to the feedback that is left, as evidenced by recent proposed standards.

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