Mock Assessments: NNEPAC Radio Episode 6






In this episode, Greg Murphy and John McGregor talk about mock assessments, and how NNEPAC conducts CALEA assessments for member agencies.

For the article John wrote about Mock Assessments, go to

Newsletter on website

Define Mock Assessment
Purpose/Not Required
CALEA Assessor vrs. PAC Assessment Team (Explain NNEPAC Model)

CALEA Assessor Advantages: Vetted, Experience, Familiar with go/no go at CALEA

CALEA Assessor Disadvantages: Higher file to Assessor Ratio, outside of area of expertise, cost

PAC Advantages: Area of expertise by chapter, Lower file to Assessor Ratio, cost, training of AMs who participate,

PAC Disadvantages: Not vetted, TL and AM have to control make up of team, no official assessment experience.



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