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Winston-Salem NC CALEA Conference Review Show: NNEPAC Radio Episode 4

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In this episode, John and Greg talk about the Winston-Salem Conference which Greg attended in November of 2013.


NOVEMBER 13-16, 2013

Good conference and thanks to the Winston-Salem PD for being gracious hosts.

Congratulations to NNEPAC member agencies receiving their initial and reaccreditation awards:

Laconia, NH PD
Auburn, ME PD
Boston University PD

Last conference for Executive Director Sylvester Daughtry, who is now retired after serving 15 years as the Executive Director and 9 years as a Commissioner and 3 as an assessor. Congratulations and best wishes to him as he enjoys retirement.

Craig Hartley, Jr. has been named to be the new Executive Director and we offer him our best wishes and feel he is an excellent choice to take over.

Also, Commission Chair Louis Dekmar will be leaving the commission as his term has ended. He is a good friend to NNEPAC and he will be missed.

Commissioner Grayson Robinson, Sheriff of Arapahoe County, CO will succeed Commissioner Dekmar as the Chair.

Standards Review and Interpretation Committee

This is the most important of all CALEA committee meetings held on Friday of each conference.

Two of three proposed standards released after the July 2013 Conference did not receive approval by the SRIC based on client feedback and comments from the field.

Both marked as 41.2.X and covered Police Officer Perpetrated Crimes and the Response and Investigation of sexual violence, including domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

Both were multi bulleted and redundant.

SRIC Chair Commissioner Richard Meyers complimented the CALEA clients/members for the comments provided and stated that they were “Instrumental in the decision making process.”

At the Full Commission Meeting:

“Feedback from the clients was accurate and important” and the “intent of the new standards was already in place in existing standards”

I want to offer my gratitude to all in NNEPAC who took the time to post comments and NNEPAC Treasurer Linda Anderson who spearheaded the efforts with other PAC’s around the country. NNEPAC was the only PAC to oppose the standards as a whole in a letter mailed to the Executive Director and Commission Chair.


Electronic Data Storage- if the agency uses a service provider, a written agreement is required to address a number of bullets.

46.1.10: (Campus Security 91.1.6 deleted)
Active Threats-agency has a W/D addressing active threats to include multi-bullets.

Both are in effect now and must be complied with within a year from November 16, 2013 and all are “M” for all agency sizes.

SIX PROPOSED LE STANDARDS (3 revisions and 3 new)


ALL ARE SENT TO THE FIELD FOR COMMENTARY with a date of January 24, 2014 for comments.

CALEA is going to make adjustments for agencies with multiple programs to reduce the need for duplication of efforts. Some standards are being revised to help with the effort and more information will follow.

In numerical order:


1.4.7- (revision to mirror the standard in LE for inclusion in the Multiple Programs Checklist)

Conditions during and internal investigation, bullet b, “or fingerprints” deleted.

3.1.2- (revision to mirror the standard in LE for inclusion in the Multiple Programs Checklist)

Classification plan, bullet b, deletes “for every job within a class”

3.2.6- (revision to mirror the standard in LE for inclusion in the Multiple Programs Checklist)

W/D for types of off duty employment. In standard language, “and conditions” and “in off duty employment” are deleted.


Law Enforcement

New Standard proposed:


1.2.10- W/D defines expectations of sworn personnel encountering criminal or other public safety issues while off –duty, or involving a personal matter and addresses:

Bullets a-h (1-8 on Forum post)

Use copy to explain. “M” for all.


22.2.7- (revision to mirror the standard in Communications for inclusion in the Multiple Programs Checklist) 1.1.7

W/D for agency personnel ID-add bullet c, “verbal identification over the telephone”


33.6.1- (revision to mirror the standard in Communications for inclusion in the Multiple Programs Checklist)

W/D identifies the activities (assignments for LE) for which specialized training is required…bullet c is new, “supervised on-the-job training, if applicable.”

New Standard:

41.2.8- W/D governs foot pursuits.

No bullets and “M” for all agency sizes.

41.3.10- If the agency employs body-worn cameras, a W/D governs the use of such devices.

Special note from the SRIC on this standard…going to the field for comments as a basic presentation of the standard. CALEA wants feedback to support the further development of an appropriate standard. That is why the commentary is broad.

No bullets and “M” for all.


Informing Complainant

52.2.4- In standard language, “keeps the complainant informed” is deleted as well as “concerning the status of a complaint to include, at a minimum”. Replaced with “has a written directive regarding complainant notification, that includes”

Bullets are modified as well:

a. “of receipt” and “for processing” is deleted.
b. “periodic” and “reporting” are deleted and “a schedule for” and “notification to the complainant” are new.
c. “of the results of” is deleted and “upon conclusion” are deleted and the bullet is reworded. “that” and “has concluded” are added to read:

“notification that the investigation has concluded.”


Full Commission Meeting

2016 Future Conference Sites:

March: St. Louis, MO
July: Baltimore, MD
November: North Charleston, SC
PAC Presidents Meeting

Commissioner Dekmar held his last meeting.

CALEA will be looking at how Applied Discretions and Non-Compliance issues are handled.

“Demonstrated commitment to CALEA by and agency who may encounter a problem, will be treated differently than an agency that has a history of N/C and A/D issues and other problems.

The commission will be advised of the history of the agency before consideration of conditions being imposed.

Introduced NNEPAC Radio to all.